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4 Seat Battery Powered Electric Aluminum Golf Cart

4 Seat Battery Powered Electric Aluminum Golf Cart

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    Electric Aluminum Golf Cart


    4 Seat Aluminum Golf Cart


    4 Seat Battery Powered Golf Cart

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    Electrical Golf Cart
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    1 PCS
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    15-20 Work days
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    L/C, T/T, T/T, Western Union, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    3000 Unit/Units per Month

4 Seat Battery Powered Electric Aluminum Golf Cart

Electric Aluminum Golf Cart



Product Description

  1. Seating capacity: 4 persons
  2. Batteries: Standard: 48 volt, sealed, Maintenance free, Optional: 48 volt, sealed, Maintenance free
  3. Battery Charger: Standard: outboard, 10-amp, auto cutoff, Optional: onboard 20 amp fully automatic, with battery diagnostics, multi stage charging, auto maintenance mode and trickle charge
  4. Motor: 2000 Watt, high efficiency, 48 Volt, KDS Motor
  5. Speed Control: Foot operated traditional accelerator pedal for smooth operation
  6. Directional Control: Forward/Reverse switch conveniently located on main dash control panel
  7. Lights and Horn: LED Headlights, Taillights, Turn signals and Horn all standard
  8. Maximum vehicle speed: approx. 45 km/h depending on terrain.
  9. Steering: Rack and pinion
  10. Brakes: Regenerative electromagnetic braking, with Electromagnetic parking brake
  11. Braking distance: <4m
  12. Suspension: Adjustable, Front and Rear Shocks and Springs
  13. Maximum grade ability: approx. 30 degrees
  14. Pay Load weight: approx. 600 lbs. (including passengers and load)
  15. Running period of a charge: approx. 6 to 8 hours, depending on type of use and terrain
  16. Travel Range: approx.80 km, depending on terrain and battery configuration.
  17. Frame: Full Aluminum Square Tubing with MIG Welded, high tensile steel suspension sections and Maintenance free, Power Assisted, Dual Rail Collapsing System
  18. Body: PP - Molded polymer-reinforced plastic
Packaging & Shipping

1. Delivery date: 15 days for mass producing

2. 1*20'GP fit 4 units.1*40'HQ fit 16 units.

3. Asia: 3-7 days to arrive; Other : 15-30 days to arrive.


Our Service

We provide 12 months warranty to the electric vehicles from the shipping date. We will cover the labor cost for any warranty issue.

we’ll look at the most common problems with electric golf carts, and how you can prevent or repair them.


If your golf cart won’t start, the first thing we suggest it checking your battery! Electric golf cart batteries need to be charged and have water added regularly. If you purchase a preowned electric golf cart, be sure to ask about the age of the battery before you buy. You may not need to replace your battery for a long time, but the older a golf cart is, the more prone it may be to corrosion.

Also, if you don’t use your golf cart year-round, follow our storage guidelines for winter. This can can help prevent corrosion from building up.


The solenoid is a cylindrical coil of wire that works as the magnet carrying an electric current. Basically, when you start up your golf cart, the solenoid is the reason for the clicking sound you hear when engaging the acceleration pedal. This sound is a good thing!

If you stop hearing that clicking sound and your golf cart no longer starts up, it’s likely the solenoids are to blame. The problem may be as simple as loose wires, or you may be looking at a broken coil or corrosion. If solenoids are the issue, you’ll want to bring your golf cart in for repairs.


If your ignition has problems, it’s almost certainly due to wear and tear or the age of your golf cart. Wires can become loose and lose the connection between the switch and the battery, or they may require replacement when they wear out or break over time.


If your golf cart starts up successfully but just can’t manage to speed up or maintain acceleration, your controller may be to blame. Problems with this part are notoriously tricky to diagnose and repair, so even do-it-yourself types will probably want to bring their golf cart into our Service Department.


The direction switch simply lets you control whether your golf cart is in forward or reverse. One of the most frequently used parts on a golf cart, it’s heavily prone to wear and tear and breaking down over time.

Odds are good that if the direction switch is acting up, it will need to be replaced, so give us a call to schedule a time for repairs.